Disco Vibe & Shooting Day

Disco Vibe is a Shooting Inspiration to do in collaboration with Mix & Match Paris at the Salon des Miroirs. You want a wedding that’s off the beaten path? A wedding that marks the spirits so much he was too cool?
Today we show you how to break the traditional codes of marriage to return to one of the first senses of marriage: the party!

It is therefore in the splendid Salon des Miroirs, an intimate place, nestled at the end of a Parisian passageway that Marine and her team invest the place to create a universe that combines the codes of disco and an authentic atmosphere.

Antique decor, mirror balls, gaudy colors, so many beautiful details that will make your wedding clear: THE most crazy wedding of the year with a disco atmosphere breathtaking!


“A professional team for an exceptional result!”

Disco Vibe.


June 19 2018


Paris France, Wedding